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Atchley's Seymour Memory Gardens

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Seymour, TN 37865
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We are pleased to offer two twelve acre cemeteries that provide beautiful and peaceful settings to permanently memorialize your loved one. 

Perpetual Care

Both of our cemeteries have a perpetual care endowment fund to ensure our families that there will always be funds available to properly maintain and manage the cemetery. These accounts are monitored and regulated by the Tennessee Department of Commerce and insurance. Because of this fund, the families that choose one of our locations will never be charged an assessment or have to make a donation to help with the upkeep of the grounds. We place 25% of the property cost into these trust accounts. This is 5% more than the 20% that is required by the State of Tennessee. 

Smoky Mountain Memory Gardens and Seymour Memory Gardens are the only two cemeteries in Sevier County with these state regulated perpetual care funds. 

Transfer Program

Families that are relocating to the Sevier County area also have the ability to transfer their cemetery property from their current location to one of our memory gardens. Our membership with the ICFA (International Cemetery and Funeral Association) makes this a seamless process. Also, for families moving away from the Sevier County area, we can assist them in transferring their property in one of our locations to a cemetery that is closer to their new home. 

Seymour Memory Gardens Options

Casket Burial Options

Ground Burial

Traditional in-ground burial has been the choice for many families over the years. We can provide different options for this choice, including large family estate sections, multiple space lots, and single grave spaces. 

At Seymour Memory Gardens you have the option of using either an upright monument or choosing a section that has flat bronze memorials only. 

Garden Locations:

  • Gazebo-Flush bronze memorials only
  • Chilhowee 
  • Mountain View


A mausoleum is for families that prefer an above-ground burial. Both of our cemeteries have this option for families that prefer a mausoleum entombment to the traditional ground burial. One common misconception concerning mausoleum property is the high cost. Once you have compared all the costs involved in traditional ground burial (ex. opening/closing of grave, monuments, burial vaults, etc) you can see that mausoleums are actually a very affordable option. 

Cremation Burial 

Many families that choose cremation are often unaware of the different options that are available to them for permanent placement and memorialization of their loved ones. 

Permanent Memorialization simply means creating a dedicated place for family and friends to connect and remember their loved one.

There are various ways and places that families may choose to scatter someone’s ashes (ex. lake, mountains, or favorite vacation spot). These are all very special and unique, however, it does not give them a permanent place, which will remain undisturbed forever, that they can easily visit any day or any time of the year. 

Here are some thoughts to consider when choosing a final resting place:

  1. Having a dedicated site for your loved one provides a place that can be regularly visited by family and friends, an essential part of grief after a death has occurred. 
  2. It gives people a place to go to commemorate special occasions such as a birthday or anniversary. 
  3. It provides future generations of your family a connection to their past and gives them a place to visit when exploring family history. 
  4. You will eliminate the chance of your loved one’s ashes being misplaced as they are passed down over the years from generation to generation. 

Here are the cremation burial options that we can provide at Seymour Memory Gardens:

Cremation Niche

These are spaces that provide above ground placement of cremated remains. You will find them located in an outdoor columbarium (standing group of niches) or a section of a mausoleum. The available outside niches are granite fronted and can be personalized with bronze plaques. The Mountain View Niches are located on each end of the Mountain View Mausoleum.

Ground Burial

We realize that in some families one member may want to be cremated while the other would like to be buried, however, the one thing they agree on is that they want to be together. We have helped many families with this wish, and can easily arrange for both to be buried in the same plot.

Cremation Benches

These are benches that are made of granite that can mark a location in which a loved one was buried, or can be constructed in a way in which they actually hold the cremated remains within it.

Personal estate columbarium

columbarium While some of these give the appearance of a typical upright monument, they actually can hold cremated remains within them. These very unique memorials offer families the ability to place their loved one's together in a private columbarium constructed only for their family.



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