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Personalizing Services

officers folding the flagPersonalized Service...that is a term used more and more in the funeral industry. This concept means different things to different people, but to us it's meaning is quite simple: When coming to us in their difficult time, together we decide on what type of service best fits the needs of this particular family at this particular time. 

People live their lives in different ways. People cope with grief in different ways. Likewise, people should be memorialized in different ways.

Some people assume that things will be easier without any ceremony, viewing or rites. If you are of this mindset, we do provide services that meet this request. But please consider this, the manner in which adversity is dealt with, provides an opportunity to either grow stronger or to fall weaker. Grief does not go away just because it is not acknowledged.

The decisions made when a loved one passes away will dictate the course you travel as you begin the journey through life without that person being physically with you. 

Do not let the sadness caused by someone's death erase the joy they provided during their time with you. Don't push it away, but remember every nuance of what made that person special. After you remember it, celebrate it. Celebration is not a word that immediately comes to mind when faced with the loss of a loved one, but REMEMBER, when someone passes away it is only their physical body that dies. Who they were, how they lived, and what they meant to family and friends will continue to live on and on. It is those memories that help us deal with the transition of life without someone we care about. 

Preserving memories is an important step in countering a broken heart. Please allow us to assist you in keeping great memories from falling by the wayside at a time when they are needed the most.

To answer the question of how to personalize the service of your loved one, you need to tell us everything you can about them and what made them special. Personalizing can be done in extravagant ways or in very subtle ways. It can reflect ones hobbies and passions, and it can reveal the spiritual. The service, whether grand or modest, needs to be designed for your families' needs. Among the many ways a service can be personalized is by the displaying of meaningful objects, elaborate processions, and the personal stories, eulogies and songs delivered during the service. It is important to note that these types of tributes are not utilized instead of, but perhaps in addition to, messages of faith. 

To help you in creating a meaningful tribute to your loved one, we have provided a "Life Inventory" which will help us learn more about your loved one.

Life Inventory


Nickname: (and the story behind it!)

Family: (traditions, sayings, etc..)


Religious views/favorite scripture: (Perhaps displaying a well used Bible or photos of baptism)

Unique skills or talents:

Favorite color, food, sport, music, art….

Favorite Memory:




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